Life Legal fights crazy FACE injunction against dedicated pro-life heroes…!

Femhealth USA is an abortion chain that does business as “carafem.”  Despite vociferous claims to the contrary, the outfit simply runs abortion mills — including, until recently, one just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

When the site was still in operation, Femhealth USA sued a number of pro-lifers for violations of the federal FACE Act, claiming that their entry onto the property for a five-minute conversation with police “obstructed access” to the mill. Shockingly, Femhealth USA, or carafem, was granted a preliminary injunction to prevent “future” acts of obstruction at the abortion business.

But then Tennessee’s trigger law against abortion took effect, protecting babies’ lives throughout pregnancy.  The abortion business could no longer follow its business plan. It told the court that it would continue to see patients for birth control, pregnancy testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.  But, on June 1st of this year, the “clinic” quietly ceased to provide “in-person services.”  That is, it closed.

There’s an important lesson to be learned from this fact alone.  You see, Femhealth USA, doing business as carafem, and operating the “Nashville Health Center” among others, was and is a sort of bush league version of Planned Parenthood.  Like the nation’s number-one child-killing mega-corporation, Femhealth USA claims that it provides all sorts of services aside from abortion.

However, when the law restrained the Nashville center’s performance of abortions, the center ceased to provide any services whatsoever.  Restricting abortion canceled its business outright.   Doesn’t it follow that Femhealth USA’s actual business, like Planned Parenthood’s, is abortion, abortion, and more abortion?

Incredibly, although the “clinic” is closed, Femhealth USA’s attorneys still want to pursue a FACE injunction against pro-lifers who no longer have an abortion business to protest against.

Femhealth USA argues that an amended injunction is still needed in order to stop pro-lifers from hunting down and intimidating former patients and staff — even though no evidence has been presented that the defendants have ever done any such thing.

On behalf of our client, AJ Hurley, we’ve filed to oppose Femhealth USA’s irrational demand and presented a cross-motion to dissolve the injunction, which no longer serves even a pro-abortion purpose, since the “Nashville Health Center” is a thing of the past.

On a daily basis, we get new calls on insane attempts to crush pro-life speech — speech that actually saves lives from abortion.