Life Legal ensures there are STILL no all-trimester abortion clinics in California

After California’s Prop 1 lifted all restrictions on abortion, a DuPont all-trimester abortion clinic threatened to move into the city of Beverly Hills to dispense death throughout all nine months of pregnancy. But we just learned that, through the unified efforts of pro-lifers, the abortion clinic will not open as scheduled.

After local pro-life woman Tasha Baker, the group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and Life Legal Defense Foundation took a stand against DuPont’s presence in the Beverly Hills community, the building management company that was working with DuPont rescinded its lease. Pro-life pressure worked!!

The impact of this is enormous. California’s virulently pro-abortion governor Gavin Newsom has been trying to turn the state into an “abortion haven”—and opening clinics to kill babies up to the very moment of birth is a big part of his plan. This DuPont clinic would have been the first all-trimester elective abortion mill in the state. But even in the most pro-abortion contexts, unified, selfless pro-life pressure can make the difference between life and death.

When Tasha Baker learned about the clinic opening in her town, she started the website and rallied pro-life protestors to make it clear that Beverly Hills did not want to be home to a clinic that kills babies up to the moment of birth—and Life Legal stepped up to provide the legal expertise necessary to make a lasting difference.

Life Legal Senior Staff Counsel Allison Aranda jumped on multiple conference calls with Tasha and the protestors to help them navigate the legal details. In the final days of the push, Allison even joined a Zoom call with the mayor, city manager, and city attorney of Beverly Hills—all with the result that DuPont won’t open in Beverly Hills!

This is a huge victory for life! It demonstrates that there is a way to stop abortion clinics in their tracks… but it requires teamwork and perseverance.

We can’t say where the next battle will be in this fight to keep elective third-trimester abortion barbarism out of California. But we can say this: Life Legal will be there, whenever, wherever it is.