Kansas Supreme Court Rejects Rehearing for Phill Kline

ANN WILLIAMSON/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL Attorney General Phill Kline speaks to the media Friday at his office in Topeka, Kline’s charges against Wichita doctor George Tiller were dropped Friday afternoon in Sedgwick County court.

The Kansas Supreme Court has denied former attorney general Phill Kline’s motion for rehearing.

“LLDF continues to support Mr. Kline, in this outrageous political lynching,” states Dana Cody, LLDF’s President and Executive Director. “Phill courageously fought to enforce the law against abortion providers, particularly Planned Parenthood, and has been paying the price ever since. He deserves a fair hearing before an unbiased tribunal.”

Following the Court’s decision, lead counsel for Mr. Kline issued the following statement in which Life Legal Defense Foundation joins:

“The Court took only five business days to deny a 90 page motion that proved objectively that the Court’s opinion misrepresented Mr. Kline’s conduct in at least six different ways.  In doing so, this Court has joined the abortion industry in Kansas, the Disciplinary Administrator, the so-called ethics panel, and the pre-recusal Court in a willful distortion of the facts to unjustly condemn Kline. The Court’s unwillingness to answer Mr. Kline’s challenge to its own distortions will reinforce the belief of many observers that the Kline case was a sham from the beginning.”