Jude David

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.30.05 PMJude David is a Louisiana attorney with an enduring passion for the pro-life movement that is evident in all of his work, including:

Advising business owners and directors about development, growth, strategic planning, and business succession preparation; spearheading and coordinating mergers or acquisitions; and ongoing and frequent pro bono legal advice and direction given to numerous organizations that daily work to change the hearts and minds of individuals in our morally decaying culture

Jude’s commitment to the pro-life movement, dates back to forming and chairing a pro-life organization in grade school and continues through today as a Director and Treasurer of the most successful life affirming organization in Louisiana. While his education, training, and career have developed his proficiency in business and the law, Jude’s passion has always been the trenches of the pro-life movement, including marching for life each January and praying outside of abortion facilities.

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