Ireland’s SHOCKING DESCENT into MORAL CHAOS shows the CORROSIVE EFFECT of abortion propaganda…!

With enormous pride, Senator Pauline O’Reilly of the Republic of Ireland announced this summer that the Emerald Isle would shortly be surrounding murder mills with a 100-meter “Safe Access Zone” that would exclude not only violence and obstruction of entry — like our own country’s onerous FACE Act — but also all forms of contrary speech and even prayer.

Ireland effectively legalized child-killing only five years ago, in May of 2018.  The procedure by which this abomination was accomplished reveals a lot about how the marketers of murder operate.  The campaign was known as “Repeal of the 8th — because the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, passed in 1983, explicitly protected the life of the child in the womb from the deadly curette of the abortionist.  The repeal putsch followed an unrelenting series of media attacks centered around Savita Halappanavar, 17 weeks pregnant, who died of sepsis  in 2012 after an attending physician refused a request to terminate her child.  The campaign was largely financed by George Soros and won the support of numerous Hollywood blather generators, including Emma Watson and Chelsea Handler.

By now, we all know the drill.

Repeal of the 8th only “effectively” legalized child-killing because it only removed the most visible defense that children had against abortion.  However, legislators rushed to enact further enabling legislation, with the result that abortion in the land that St. Patrick catechized is now legal for any reason or none at all through 12 weeks gestation, and for all the standard flexible reasons past that point.

In theory, abortion is still less legal in Ireland than in some U.S. states, where the loony abortion liberty has been extended to birth and beyond.  But it is still way too legal for the comfort of those of us who respect human life in the womb.

And the corrosive effect on Irish society is a glaring obscenity tattooed on the face of a once-great nation.  In five years, child-murder, recently a crime, has become so sacred that Irish citizens will soon be forbidden even to pray within 100 meters of Moloch’s Hibernian temples.

The promotion of this sort of suppression in Ireland and elsewhere, obviously, is rooted in the pro-aborts’ tacit admission that they have no case against pro-life arguments on abortion.  They cannot merely chuckle and dismiss the cries of those who speak on behalf of the innocent victims of the abortion industry.  The biological evidence is simply irrefutable.  Thus, insofar as is possible, pro-lifers need to be silenced.

Like Great Britain, Ireland has a tradition of free speech but no formal First Amendment — and that has made all the difference to the pro-life movement in these United States.  As long as any semblance of the Constitution endures, the Irish silence will be difficult to impose on pro-life prayer warriors, protesters, and sidewalk counselors in this county.

However, the First Amendment doesn’t enforce itself.  Way too often, even here, the abortionists and their lackeys try to shut down pro-life free speech under color of law.  We at Life Legal know because it is a major part of our mission to defeat these pro-abortion attacks.  And there are lots of them.

Indeed, new calls for help are coming in even as you read this message.  Much of the time, we can help just by standing up to the authorities involved — by making it clear that they will have a legal battle on their hands.  And some of the time, we actually have to fight that battle — on occasion even through a long appeals process.

We do this not only because we love the liberties guaranteed in our Constitution, but because we know that prayer warriors, protesters, and sidewalk counselors save lives from abortion every day.  We can’t even think of leaving these heroic activists on their own.