in the courtroom and the public square

Life Legal provides legal counsel and defense at no cost to protect vulnerable life, especially life in the womb.


Advocacy & Policy Initiatives: 

We advance sound laws and public policy measures that protect the vulnerable, especially the unborn. We challenge laws that promote abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and other assaults against the sanctity of human life.

Preemptive Counsel: 

We advise clients and proactively mediate disputes in order to avoid costly, time- consuming litigation.

Legal Intervention:

We provide legal counsel for 1) peaceful pro-life advocates who offer life-giving alternatives to women seeking abortion, 2) those who speak out in the public square on behalf of the unborn, 3) investigative journalists who shed light on what really happens inside the abortion cartel, 4) families whose loved ones are denied life- sustaining medical care, and 5) others who stand against the threat to vulnerable life, especially life in the womb.


We raise awareness of individual rights regarding pro-life speech and provide education on challenging life-related issues, including advance health care directives, assisted suicide, and end-of-life issues.

Legal Training: 

We mentor law students in life-affirming law and policy with the intent that they will serve as pro-life advocates.

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