Why is Huntsville’s Zoning Administration Supporting Abortion?

The Huntsville (Alabama) Board of Zoning Adjustment has ignored a formal request, made by the legal staff of Life Legal Defense Foundation to discuss the parameters of a medical use zoning variance granted in 1998 in regard to property located at 4831 Sparkman Drive.

The owner of a now-closed abortion venue, Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives, has bought the property and is attempting to reopen the business by skirting restrictions regarding its use.  For refusing to discuss the unique intent of the original variance, some have accused the Board of Zoning Adjustment of kowtowing to clinic director Dalton Johnson. Multiple violations at his previous location forced Johnson to shut the doors and surrender the abortion facility’s license.

“Of particular concern, is that in supporting Johnson and his abortion business, the Board of Zoning Adjustment is putting the women of Huntsville at risk for serious harm,” explained Henderson. Alabama Women’s Center’s medical director, abortionist Ramon Lopez, has been serving weekend jail time for the past six months related to his previous criminal convictions and co-abortionist Yashica Robinson-White was recently indicted on Medicaid fraud and selling illegal birth control devices.  “To allow this abortion provider and his staff to continue practicing in Huntsville, where they have exhibited complete disregard for the law, is nothing short of an outrage,” Henderson added.

Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, was disappointed that the Board of Zoning Adjustment disregarded the formal request to place the matter on the agenda. “Rather than respecting Huntsville zoning practice and Alabama law, this Board is enabling dangerous abortion providers with the appearance of propriety,” stated Cody. “Residents of the community strongly oppose the presence of an abortion center in their neighborhood. Coupling this particular abortion provider’s sordid history of violent pro-abortion protests with the presence of middle and elementary schools nearby is a recipe for disaster,” she said, “And Life Legal Defense Foundation will make every legal effort to oppose it.”

Read Life Legal Defense Foundation’s June 30, 2014 letter to the City of Huntsville Zoning Administration and a follow-up letter sent on July 15, 2014.

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