How Will Kansas Supreme Court Rule in Kline Disciplinary Action?

Nov. 15, 2012: Today former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline faced a final hearing on discipline from the Kansas Supreme court for claimed ethics violations which could include possible disbarment. These alleged violations stem from Kline’s investigation into abortion practices, both late-term abortions and abortionists’ failure to report statutory rape.

Last month, the Life Legal Defense Foundation and the National Lawyers Association filed amicus briefs with the Kansas High Court urging the justices to reject the allegations against Kline. In what may be hoped is not a sign of the direction the court is leaning in this case, the Kansas Supreme Court refused, without explanation, to consider the briefs. LLDF sees the Kansas Disciplinary Authority’s actions in this case to be an injustice to Kline and to pose a serious threat to the administration of justice throughout the nation. As LLDF’s brief points out, prosecutors will think twice about taking on politically powerful entities if the loss of their livelihoods is the price that is to be paid.

“Though he is no longer serving in public office in the state of Kansas, Kline’s enemies have not been content to let him go quietly on with his life,” states Dana Cody, President and executive director of LLDF. “Over the past six years they have repeatedly claimed that he violated the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct, but these allegations require stretching the applicable rules to the breaking point. LLDF calls on the Kansas Supreme Court to dispense with these claims once and for all.”

Nov. 16 A research attorney for a Kansas Appellate Court judge is Attorney is being disciplined for Tweeting offensive remark during Kline hearing — See Kansas City Fox TV report.