Help SAVE pro-life crisis pregnancy care in TEXAS — and around the Country…!

Carol Everett, a former Texas abortion clinic owner and head of the Heidi Group

Texas is going pro-life in a major way!  Just last month, the state enacted a law that prohibits all abortions once the baby’s heartbeat can be detected at around 6 weeks.  

But even before the “heartbeat” law, Texans voted to defund Planned Parenthood’s abortion regime! 

State officials then called on The Heidi Group – an organization of pro-life health care providers – to begin the process of replacing our nation’s number-one abortion mega-corporation!  

Carol Everett used to own two abortion clinics in Texas with plans to open three more when she realized that abortion was the taking of an innocent human life. After leaving the abortion industry, she started The Heidi Group, a network of pro-life women’s clinics. Eventually, The Heidi Group included more than 30 physicians that provided actual health care to women – including prenatal care. The network offered more services than Planned Parenthood without resorting to killing babies.  

For the first time ever, Planned Parenthood had real competition from a viable pro-life network.  

The abortion cabal wasn’t going to stand for that. Pro-aborts and media operators joined forces to take down The Heidi Group.

They pressed ahead – with the intention of utterly destroying The Heidi Group and its CEO, Carol Everett.

  • A disgruntled former employee illegally accessed and then altered The Heidi Group’s confidential documents and then provided those to the media and the state office of the Inspector General to discredit Carol. She was later arrested and arraigned for computer intrusion. 
  • Cronies in the secular media used these documents to attack The Heidi Group.
  • The Texas Tribune, which published a series of hit pieces on Carol, is subsidized by Planned Parenthood. Every article slamming The Heidi Group includes the following disclosure: “Planned Parenthood has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune.” 

Even though the articles were based on misinformation, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) abruptly terminated The Heidi Group’s contracts…without cause

Now Carol is fighting back…

And Life Legal is fighting by her side!