Help!  Crazy California legislators make their INFANTICIDE BILL yet CRAZIER…!

Life Legal has been keeping you up to date on a California bill that will legalize the killing of vulnerable newborn babies for any “pregnancy-related” cause. AB 2223 is part of Planned Parenthood’s extremist abortion agenda, which also decriminalizes self-induced, do-it-yourself abortions. Numerous websites are already available showing women how to kill their babies using various herbs, chemicals, and homemade devices throughout pregnancy. Babies born alive during a DYI abortion can be murdered in cold blood – and it will be considered completely legal under AB 2223.

AB 2223 does not only threaten California babies. Other bills introduced by Planned Parenthood provide for advertisement, money, transportation, accommodations, and child care to entice women in every state to come to California to undergo free abortions and to evade prosecution for killing full-term and even newborn babies.

Lawmakers recently amended AB 2223 – and made it WORSE.

AB 2223 creates a private right of action so a woman can sue a state actor (police officer, prosecutor, teacher, certain health care workers, etc.) for interfering with her “rights” under the bill. Now the bill’s sponsors – Planned Parenthood and other abortionists – added a $25,000 minimum mandatory judgement to anyone who wins a lawsuit filed under the bill.

And there’s more.

The bill was also amended to allow for state civil rights lawsuits against a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or anyone who initiates or threatens a criminal investigation, arrest, or prosecution against the woman or anyone assisting her. Again, we are talking about situations involving life and death – including the death of a newborn baby for any “pregnancy-related” cause.

A “pregnancy-related” cause would include a situation where a baby is born alive during a self-induced abortion and then killed or left to die. It could also encompass acts committed as a result of post-partum depression or other pregnancy-related disorders.

Lawsuits filed under AB 2223 include punitive damages, which are huge monetary awards intended to punish the person being sued.

While state laws allow public entities like police departments to indemnify or pay for judgments and settlements as a result of lawsuits against law enforcement officers and prosecutors, those laws do not cover punitive damages except in limited situations. At a minimum, the department or agency would have to determine that it is in the best interests of the department – not the officer being sued – to pay the punitive damages.

These new provisions mean California is declaring open season on babies. Those who are tasked with protecting public safety will now be SILENCED.

Life Legal is fighting tooth and nail to keep AB 2223 from becoming law. The next hearing on the bill is next Wednesday, May 4, and we will be there to oppose it.

We are currently running a digital marketing campaign targeting faith-based voters to tell them about the bill and urge them to take action. Thousands of people have received notifications about AB 2223 so far on their phones, tablets, and computers. Click here to read Life Legal’s official opposition to the bill.