HELP!  California legislature wants to DECLARE OPEN SEASON ON HELPLESS BABIES from all over the country!

A California bill that will legalize the deliberate destruction of infants after birth is one step closer to becoming law. AB 2223 was passed out of the Assembly Health Committee this week by a vote of 11 to 3.

The bill creates a so-called “right” for women and those who assist them to any pregnancy outcome – including the active homicide or death by neglect of an infant born alive. AB 2223 also allows do-it-yourself abortions by any means and at any stage of pregnancy. As if that is not bad enough, the bill was amended to impose a civil penalty of $25,000 on anyone who interferes with these fictitious “rights.”

AB 2223 was not the only item on the legislative calendar this week.

I testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee against a bill (SB 1142) that will create a propaganda campaign to announce California’s open season on babies.

The sponsors* of SB 1142 — Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America — want to make California a model “reproductive freedom” state.

I know pro-aborts like Planned Parenthood like to toss around phrases like “reproductive freedom” and “reproductive autonomy” that are not only meaningless, but inherently self-contradictory. There is no such thing as “reproductive freedom.” To reproduce something – or someone – is to make a copy. We are talking about the creation of new people, so you no longer have the freedom to do whatever you want.

The premise of SB 1142 is a lie.

SB 1142 authorizes a propaganda campaign to further that lie. The state will create a website to advertise to the world that California now allows do-it-yourself abortions beyond birth — i.e., INFANTICIDE.

The website is not going to tell women about abortion complications or the reality that, if they take abortion pills, they will end up delivering a small but fully formed human being – a victim of reproductive freedom – in their bathroom.

The bill also authorizes California’s Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to manage a grant program to pay for things like transportation, accommodations, and child care – so to entice out-of-state women to come to California for free abortions.

In a related bill, the legislative analyst’s office noted that the Commission has no experience or staffing to administer state-funded programs. But the more egregious oversight is appointing a Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to manage the grant program, since SB 1142’s gender-obliterating language doesn’t acknowledge that women and girls are the ones who become pregnant.  That’s right:  in SB 1142, the potential customer for abortion profiteers is a “pregnant person.”

So what can we do to stop Planned Parenthood’s insane and murderous agenda? Of course Life Legal is strongly opposing these bills through testimony and written statements.

But frankly that is not enough.

We are now running a new, cutting edge digital campaign called “Abortion Too Far.” The ads are targeting millions of faith-based voters to let them know that California is taking abortion TOO FAR by legalizing and advertising abortion beyond birth.

*Yes, California allows lobbyists like Planned Parenthood to write legislation that advances and funds their agenda.  

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  2. Thank you for doing GODs work! Please keep up the good fight and continue to defend LIFE! Stop CA proposition 1 and any other EVIL bills they are attempting to push through. Thanks again and GOD Bless.

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