Happy New Year!!!

new-year-1929837_1920Life Legal wishes you a happy and healthy New Year! We thank you for your continued support and encouragement. You make it possible for us to protect vulnerable life at all stages in the courtroom and in the public square.

We look forward to 2017 and wanted to share some of our plans for the coming year:

  • We will proceed with our challenge to California’s assisted suicide law in order to protect the weak and disabled from pressure to prematurely end their lives.
  • We will raise awareness of the dangers of assisted suicide laws through social media and other initiatives, like our webcast with Bishop Robert Barron and Pastor Rick Warren.
  • We will stand with sidewalk advocates like Fr. Linton, who provide life-giving alternatives to women seeking abortion.
  • We will represent employees like Bill Diss who are harassed and fired because of their pro-life views. We are currently preparing our appeal to the Ninth Circuit in Mr. Diss’ case.
  • We will defend David Daleiden in an onslaught of lawsuits filed against him by Planned Parenthood and its abortion allies in California and Washington State.
  • We will intervene in cases where patients are denied life-sustaining care, like we did in the case of Madeline who was only hours from death when a Life Legal attorney obtained a court order that saved her life.
  • We will equip attorneys across the nation to take immediate legal action to save the lives of the vulnerable. We are developing a brand-new website to provide resources for patients, families, and attorneys facing challenging life issues.
  • We will advocate for legislation that protects vulnerable life and for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Please stand with us for LIFE by making a generous year-end donation today!