Gosnell Movie Reaches Funding Goal…And Keeps Going

At approximately 9:00 AM PDT, the Gosnell movie effort reached its record-breaking goal of $2.1 million, with over three days to spare. The Gosnell movie will be made!

Frustrated with the media silence on the crimes and trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, independent film makers Phelim McAleer, Anne McElhinney, and Magdalena Segieda turned to “crowdfunding” to raise the money to make a TV movie about America’s most prolific serial killer. The movie will expose both the grisly truth of what went on in Gosnell’s clinic and the cowardice and complicity of the public officials who kept him in business for 30 years.

There’s still time to be part of this historic effort. It’s not just about money: it’s about showing Hollywood and the mainstream media that tens of thousands of people care about this movie and want to expose the lies told and the crimes committed in the name of “women’s health” and “reproductive freedom.”

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign will continue until midnight on May 12, so go to the Gosnell movie and join the team!