Gosnell Abortion Clinic Murder Trial: Life Legal Defense Foundation has Pursued His Type Before

Legal abortion is not safe. The Kermit Gosnell trial is not a unique situation. In fact, the Gosnell case explains why abortion clinics go to such great lengths to keep life advocates away from public property surrounding their facilities.

LLDF experienced this first-hand while fighting for the free speech rights of pro-life advocates in Birmingham, Alabama. The New Woman, All Women abortion clinic was able to keep life advocates off the public sidewalk surrounding clinic facilities for years, until LLDF got involved. LLDF worked with local sidewalk counselors to draw attention to an out-of-date, unconstitutional regulation that was being enforced by local police at the behest of clinic management.

LLDF obtained an injunction that allowed life advocates to remain on the sidewalk surrounding the clinic to counsel women before they enter. This led to sidewalk counselors spotting ambulances picking up injured women from the back alley of the clinic. Ultimately, this resulted in an inspection of the clinic by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Over 75 health code violations were reported: the clinic’s license to provide abortions was revoked. Despite a consent order, it was recently discovered that NWAW was still in operation. We are now fighting again to get it closed.

To continue these efforts, LLDF has signed the following letter to draw attention to the Kermit Gosnell trial. This will expose the abortion industry for what it really is, a for-profit industry with total disregard for the lives of the unborn as well as their mothers. Abortion may be legal but it is not safe.

See the Grand Jury report.