Good news for the Tiny Humans!

Planned Parenthood has opted out of the federally-funded Title X program, meaning the abortion giant will lose up to $60 million in taxpayer dollars annually. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) implemented new regulations earlier this year that prohibit Title X funds from being used to refer for abortion. Planned Parenthood has known for months that it may not combine abortion referrals with Title X services. Instead of complying with the law, PP filed a last-ditch effort to block the regulations . . . and lost. PP knows its business model is not sustainable without abortion referrals. Abortion is and always has been PP’s cash cow. Its other services are not viable—and not needed. Women have far better options than Planned Parenthood when it comes to real health care. Life Legal has long supported the implementation of the new HHS regs.

In California, the Department of Finance dealt a blow to legislation (SB 24) that would require every public university to provide chemical abortion drugs to students on campus. The Dept. of Finance says the bill is too expensivea and not necessary. Life Legal has long been opposed to this legislation. Contrary to the abortion industry’s claims that chemical abortions are “safe and easy,” our research shows many more adverse events, including deaths, than have been reported by abortionists. We continue to actively fight SB 24.

The Women’s Med Center in Dayton, Ohio was shut down for failing to comply with state laws and the Ohio Supreme Court this week refused to hear the clinic’s appeal in the case. This means the abortion facility will be closed permanently! The facility did second-trimester abortions, as well as chemical abortions.

For those who are not familiar with chemical abortion, this is a procedure whereby a woman is given two separate doses of potent, off-label drugs that kill her baby and cause her to deliver a dead fetus.

Life Legal was contacted this week regarding a woman who went to Planned Parenthood for a chemical abortion. She took one of the drugs and then, at the request of the baby’s father, had an ultrasound. After seeing an image of her baby, the mother changed her mind. She was directed to begin the abortion pill reversal process, which has been successful in hundreds of cases. I have been told that the baby’s heartbeat is a little weak at this time, but the doctor is still hopeful that the baby will make it. Please pray for this young family!

Please stand with us as we fight in the courts and the public square for the lives of the unborn! We so appreciate your gift of any amount!