From the Executive Director: Remaining Forward-Thinking

Despite the economic woes we hear about daily, as an organization LLDF is seeing record growth, both in our operations and effectiveness. While funds are not at a record high, we’ve seen requests for help increasing, and because of the incredible partnership of individuals in the pro-life community, we have been able to hire two full-time attorneys (Allison Aranda in 2008 and Rebekah Millard isn 2011) to meet the increasing need. We have also seen our network of pro-life volunteer lawyers continue to grow. Many of these attorneys, like Rebekah, are closer to the beginning of their careers, representing the next generation of lawyers, and will be able to carry on LLDF’s mission well into the future.

Your faithful support has enabled us to take on the immediate legal needs of the defenders of the defenders of life but we want to challenge you to be part of carrying LLDF’s mission into the future. You can support the next generation of lawyers, like Allison, Rebekah and our volunteer lawyers, by partnering with LLDF as we look to the future by including LLDF in your long-term financial planning. In doing so we are requesting that you consider a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA).

While LLDF continues to litigate primarily in defense of the weak and vulnerable among us, LLDF has placed an increasing emphasis on direct outreach and education; we do so because the law and culture are closely intertwined. In September 2011 we will present LLDF’s first seminar on the right of conscience for health care professionals, “Do No Harm,” which focuses specifically on pharmacists. Pro-life medical professionals are uniquely situated to impact our culture for life, and need to be empowered to fully and freely practice their professions without being forced to deny their pro-life convictions. We are also working with Pregnancy Resource Centers to withstand legislative attacks intended to force them to advertise services they do not provide, namely abortion [see article on page 2], and look forward to presenting Continuing Legal Education seminars for attorneys on the topics of freedom of speech and legalized killing (euthanasia) in the near future.

LLDF’s record growth over the past few years has tracked with the increasing momentum of the pro-life movement. Record numbers of pro-life lawmakers have been elected. Record numbers of pro-life laws have been enacted (with the effect of chipping away the legal foundation of Roe v. Wade). Record numbers of individuals are identifying themselves as pro-life (especially young people). The list could go on.

LLDF wants to keep the momentum going until our culture is one where all people, regardless of age or ability, are welcomed in life and protected by law. Unless we change the culture that fosters abortion, people will seek it whether it is legal or not. Thus, while the pro-life movement grows, the needs change, but do not disappear. While we rejoice in the progress, it’s no time to rest on our laurels—the fact that the pro-life movement is bigger and more effective now than it has ever been is no reason to reduce our support of it. The momentum will continue as we each stay actively engaged. If you haven’t done so already please take a look at the article and consider a CGA. This is one way you can partner with LLDF to sustain our life-saving work while we look to the future.