From the Editor

Looking at the ultrasound photo of my granddaughter this week was a reminder of why I work with Life Legal Defense Foundation. She is five months in gestation and she looks like a clone of my three-year-old grandson right down to the cut of her chin and the shape of her mouth; so much so I have difficulty picturing her as a girl.

If my daughter-in-law was abortion-minded my granddaughter’s life would be destroyed and no one, not even my son, could stop her. Tragically and every day in our culture, children are aborted against their father’s will. Luckily for some unborn children, as well as their parents, there are abortion opponents on the sidewalks outside abortion clinics who intervene and lives are saved. Those defenders of the defenseless that myself and others at LLDF have the privilege to serve are to be congratulated for their untiring efforts on behalf of the unborn.

These advocates for the unborn are faithfully at abortion clinics, college campuses, and other public forums every week. Having been relegated to the public forum because of the death ethic that has taken hold in our culture, the defenders of the defenseless must frequently confront bitter opposition from abortion supporters and threats of arrest by law enforcement and other government officials. However, because of your support, these advocates can be bold and self-assured in their efforts on behalf of the unborn. They know that LLDF will be there to defend their rights as they expose the truth about abortion—it is an act of violence that ends the lives of innocent children and causes mental and emotional distress to the families involved in that decision. And that is why I work with LLDF and why LLDF exists—because our work translates into lives saved. And as we often say to our supporters, we know we could not do it without you!

Summarized below are a few of the legal victories made possible this year because of your support:

First, LLDF has been able to add an attorney to our staff—Allison Aranda, whose profile is highlighted in this issue of Lifeline. Allison is currently involved with seven cases where the defenders of the defenseless are being prosecuted for criminal acts. We expect that most of these cases will lead to civil actions resulting in the recovery of damages, and perhaps attorney fees, resulting from the violation of the civil rights of the individuals who were unlawfully prosecuted for crimes because they lawfully exercised their right to free speech on behalf of the unborn. In fact, as we go to print, the government officials who are defendants in just such an action demurred to the complaint against them and the judge overruled the demurrer. This means the defenders will have their day in court thanks to the efforts of LLDF staff.

Because of Allison’s efforts the defenders of the defenseless can continue their life-saving activities in the public forum and not even blink. Not only will lives continue to be saved but the damages that may ultimately be recovered from the prosecuting agencies will mean that your tax dollars will contribute to the support of LLDF and their clients.

Next, the Ohio Supreme Court has accepted the Petition for Rehearing filed by Roe in the Ohio case, Roe v. Planned Parenthood. LLDF is supporting the efforts of Ohio attorney Brian Hurley on behalf of Roe. The Petition for Rehearing concerns the redacted records which Planned Parenthood has refused to produce pursuant to a court order. These records are evidence of Planned Parenthood’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which serves to cover up statutory rape and unlawful abortions in a state that has parental consent laws. It brings to mind an old adage that goes something like this, “If you aren’t guilty, then why don’t you just answer the question?”

Last, but not least, LLDF is supporting the defenders of the defenseless in Colorado as they represent themselves pro se in the Colorado Supreme Court. LLDF’s Legal Director Katie Short wrote the amicus brief in support of these defenders. The court clerk informed them that this is only the third pro se case ever accepted by the State’s High Court and the first case where amici were asked to actually argue before the court. Jim Rouse, a Colorado attorney who frequently donates his time and legal talents on behalf of LLDF, participated in oral argument in June of this year. (1)

We hope that you will be encouraged by the success that LLDF has had this year. I often say that God provides the finances needed because our donor base is so faithful to our mission—saving those under threat of death. As you have read, your support truly translates into lives saved. I want to personally thank all of you for your support and trust in LLDF and its staff.

1. Here is what the wife of one of the pro se appellants wrote in an email to LLDF: “Thank you for everything that you do, we thank God for you. If you wish to hear the audio recording of court proceedings the link is as follows: mms://”