Fresno Court Rulings Affirm the Value of Janet Rivera’s Life


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FRESNO, Calif. — After a hearing today in the Fresno County Superior Court, the family of patient Janet Rivera was reinstated as her conservator to manage Ms. Rivera’s healthcare. Ms. Rivera’s cousin sought conservatorship so that Janet’s care can be administered in a life-affirming manner. The Court ruled that Ms. Rivera’s cousin, Suzanne Emrich, temporarily replaces the public guardian who made the decision a few weeks ago to deprive Ms. Rivera of food and water.

Last week, after having been dehydrated and not fed for 8 days, Attorney Brian Chavez-Ochoa intervened on behalf of Ms. Rivera and because of Chavez-Ochoa’s efforts the Court ordered that her foods and fluids be restored.

Attorney Chavez-Ochoa was very pleased with the outcome of today’s hearing, stating that “The County of Fresno and the Public Guardian are to be applauded for immediately recognizing the rights of the family to care for their loved one and taking the steps to allow that process to be accomplished quickly and without delay. The Court, from the earliest stages of this proceeding, proffered rulings of wisdom and gave substance and value to Janet Rivera’s life. The sanctity of life was honored and we thank the Lord for the wonderful outcome in this case.”

“When Ms. Emrich contacted us on July 21st Brian was quick to take this on. We are very pleased that the family will be allowed to care for Ms. Rivera and that public officials listened to Ms. Rivera’s family!” stated Dana Cody of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. Life Legal Defense Foundation, along with Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, was able to assist behind the scenes so that Chavez-Ochoa could get to court before it was too late for Ms. Rivera.

Life Legal Defense Foundation was established in 1989, and is a non-profit organization composed of attorneys and other concerned citizens, committed to the sanctity of human life. For more information, call Dana Cody at 916.727.4396.