Fighting for Life


4:45 a.m.

As I write this, our legal team is fighting for the life of a twenty-two week old unborn baby and his young mother. The mother suffered a severe brain injury a few weeks ago and is in a vegetative state. The baby—against all odds—is still alive and thriving.

The baby’s aunt just found out that her nephew is scheduled to be aborted tomorrow, against her wishes and against the wishes of the young mother who is pro-life.

Because the baby’s mother is unable to articulate her views, some family members, the medical ethics committee of a large healthcare system, and a judge have decided to articulate them for her. They determined that, while this young mother may have been pro-life at some point, surely she would not want to carry her baby to term under these tragic circumstances.  And they have set events in motion to implement their decision.

We worked throughout the night to try to turn back those events. I do not know whether our efforts will be successful, but I do know that we will do everything in our power to protect the young mother and the baby.

Please pray with us. And please consider making a donation so that Life Legal can continue to be there—at any time of the day or night—to defend life.