Election Angst — but Life Legal is READY for ANYTHING….

Here we are, the day after an historic election. The presidential race still has not been called and it may be weeks—or longer—before we know who will take the oath of office on January 20, 2021.

While I don’t want to imagine that we could be fighting for life under an administration that eagerly embraces child dismemberment through all nine months of pregnancy and beyond, Life Legal is equipped to operate in that environment. We are based in California—the most abortion friendly state in the country—and even here we have won critical, life-saving victories. Life Legal was founded over 30 years ago and half of our existence has been under rabidly pro-abortion presidents. We didn’t change our pro-life mission then and we will not change it now, regardless of the outcome of the election. We will continue to defend vulnerable life—especially babies in the womb—in the courtroom and the public square.

Moreover, even though we are profoundly grateful for the current administration’s tremendous strides in pro-life laws and policies, the reality is that we regularly deal with state and federal judges who do not share our views.

The good news is that public opinion has shifted in favor of increasing restrictions on abortion over the past 30 years. You might have noticed that the Biden campaign did not focus on abortion as the election neared because the Biden/Harris/Planned Parenthood position that third trimester abortions should be legal and that babies born alive during abortion do not have a right to medical treatment does not reflect the views of most Americans.

So now we wait. But even as we pray for the election results and for the future of our country, we are busy handling our ever-expanding caseload. Here is just a sample of our current cases:

  • Three pro-lifers were attacked outside a Planned Parenthood in California last week, and the police refused to apprehend the assailant. We are going to court to ensure that the pro-lifers are protected.
  • A woman called us for help because the court-appointed guardian who is supposed to oversee her elderly mother’s care has tried to withdraw her mother’s medical treatment numerous times, even though she is not terminally ill. In fact, she recently recovered from a bad case of COVID and is in remarkably good health.
  • A woman was declared brain dead over six weeks ago, yet she is stable and has since recovered from several life-threatening conditions. We recently learned that the hospital made mistakes in performing the brain death exam and our attorneys will be back in court today to fight for her life.
  • We recently filed a lawsuit in Alabama to enforce a state law that is supposed to protect unborn children.
  • We are representing several pro-life employees who are threatened with termination because of their pro-life views, including a health care worker who has told he must facilitate abortions or be fired.
  • We are working to protect a hospital employee who was told he will be forced to be vaccinated for COVID and that no accommodations will be made for employees who object to vaccines that rely on aborted babies for their manufacture or testing.
  • We are representing the Minnesota State Senate in a lawsuit filed by an LGBTQ group seeking to strike down every single state law regulating abortion, including parental notification and informed consent. The Senate is seeking to intervene in the lawsuit to defend the laws, as pro-abortion Attorney General Keith Ellison is on record opposing all restrictions on abortion.

We are so grateful to you for making it possible to intervene for LIFE in the above cases. Thank you for your fervent prayers and your generous support that allow us to help clients in need. As we approach the end of the year, please consider making a donation today so we can be ready to fight for babies and for the medically vulnerable no matter what 2021 brings.