Desperate Planned Parenthood pushes ABORTION DISTORTION SQUARED in response to Dobbs….

A 9-week baby in the womb. Planned Parenthood tells women that babies at 9 weeks have no discernable body parts and that they look like “cotton balls.”

Planned Parenthood and a cabal of pro-aborts recently published a training manual for abortionists that is replete with lies, propaganda, and historical revisionism.

Here are just a few excerpts:

  1. “Given the historical devaluation of the childbearing of marginalized populations, we must remain focused on providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to individual patient preferences and values.” In fact, it was Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and her eugenicist cohorts who demanded forced birth control and sterilization for marginalized populations, which they called “human weeds” – i.e., populations they believed should not be permitted to bear children.
  1. “TGD [trans and gender diverse] people with ovaries and a uterus can experience pregnancy if they engage in sex with a partner who produces sperm…” This should go without saying, but people with ovaries and a uterus are WOMEN. People who produce sperm are MEN. Only Planned Parenthood and a certain Supreme Court Justice can be this confused about basic biology.
  1. “Long-term research shows that abortion does not harm patients…” This is patently false. Many studies have demonstrated the long term physical and emotional effects of abortion. For example, this meta-analysis of post-abortive women found that “women who have had an abortion experienced an 81% higher risk of mental health problems of various forms when compared with women who had not had an abortion.” These include suicidal behaviors, increased drug and alcohol use, and depression.
  1. “The financial wellbeing and development of children is negatively impacted when their mothers are denied abortion.” This is Planned Parenthood’s mantra, rooted in its eugenic beginnings. Only well-off mothers should be allowed to have children and poorer women should abort – for the sake of the children, of course. The reality is that when women are denied abortion, their children get to LIVE.
  1. “Before 9 weeks it is difficult to visualize fetal parts. You can say, “The pregnancy may look like a blood clot or a cotton ball.” The child in the womb is a baby, not a “pregnancy.” A baby, even at 6 weeks, has a detectable heartbeat and discernable body parts. A baby at 9 weeks has fingers, toes, and all of his or her organs.
  1. “Approach to communication: Your pregnancy is 8 weeks along. Instead of: Your baby is 8 weeks old.” Planned Parenthood wants to depersonalize children in the womb to deceive women into believing their yet unborn children are not human. Only “wanted” children can be called babies. Planned Parenthood views other children as nothing more than medical waste. The manual refers to baby parts that are left in the womb following a botched abortion as “uterine debris.”
  1. “People of all religious and spiritual backgrounds have abortion and you do not need any background in these matters to talk to people about abortion.” Tragically, the first part of this statement is true. Over half of women who have abortions identify as Catholic (24%) or Protestant (30%). Planned Parenthood has perfected the art of talking their clients out of their deeply held beliefs and selling them abortion and sex change hormones – to the tune of $1.7 billion in annual revenue and $2.5 billion in assets.
  1. “[Abortionists]…see women’s reproductive autonomy as the linchpin of full personhood and self-determination.” This is a lie from the depths of hell. First, the term “reproductive autonomy” is an oxymoron. More grievous, however, is that Planned Parenthood intentionally pits mothers against their children. It is pure evil to say that women cannot experience “full personhood and self-determination” unless they have the power to kill their yet unborn babies. But PP maintains that it is necessary for mothers to deprive their children of personhood in order to experience personhood for themselves.

Planned Parenthood’s training manual also encourages abortionists to tell minor children to lie to their parents and take abortion drugs at a relative’s or friend’s house without their parents’ knowledge. If a woman’s spouse or partner is opposed to the abortion, the manual instructs her to tell the baby’s father that she miscarried.

In the wake of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood has declared outright war on babies and young people. Not only did the abortion giant slaughter over 380,000 innocent children last year, PP is aggressively targeting teenagers for sex change hormone regimens, including chemical castration and drugs that can leave them permanently sterile.

Planned Parenthood’s efforts are particularly fanatical in California, the nation’s most pro-abortion state. PP has written numerous bills to expand abortion and is a proponent of Prop 1, which would create a constitutional right to abortion and other “reproductive freedoms.”

Life Legal is currently challenging several pro-abortion laws in California, including the “Abortion Accessibility Act” (SB 245), a Planned Parenthood bill that forces insurance companies to pay for abortions without any copays or deductibles. SB 245 creates perverse financial incentives that subsidize abortionists and discriminates against women who choose to carry their babies to term.


If passed, California Prop 1 would create a constitutional right to abortion, birth control, and a host of “reproductive freedoms.” These so-called “rights” would also apply to children, who could assert them against their parents. This has implications for parental rights regarding sex change drugs and surgeries, egg harvesting prostitution, and even human trafficking.

Click here to learn more and download a printable pdf on the dangers of Prop 1.