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Pro-Life Students Accosted by Professor, University Ignores Criminal Act!


santa barbara 1She drew blood!
University of California Santa Barbara professor Mirelle-Young violently scratched the arms of pro-life teenager Thrin Short, as shown in these photos. The university has not reprimanded their employee and has distributed communications implying that the students Mirelle-Young attacked were at fault. (Santa Barbara, California)

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[ezcol_2third_end]donate now squareWhen University of California Santa Barbara professor Mireille Miller-Young attacked a group of pro-life students, assaulting them and stealing their property, the university stood idly by, apparently condoning the woman’s criminal behavior. In fact, university officials implied that the young people advocating a pro-life worldview were the problem!

The criminal court convicted Miller-Young. The physical damage she inflicted on one pro-life teenager and the video evidence made the three misdemeanor charges against her irrefutable. Miller-Young admitted her wrongdoing in court. Now these young people she attacked are seeking compensatory and punitive damages against Miller-Young and the University of California Santa Barbara in civil court for physical battery and violation of their civil rights. You can help!

Life Legal Defense Foundation is pursuing this action in the Santa Barbara Superior Court. You can be involved in supporting these pro-life students in their efforts to hold this professor and the university accountable.

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Press Release: Prolife Students’ Law Suit Seeks Damages from University & Convicted Professor

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