Deceptive Ohio Ballot Measure dismembers ALL PROTECTIONS for babies in the womb:  Vote No!

The deadline is fast approaching for Ohio pro-lifers to register in preparation for voting NO on the amendment that will undo all protections for human life in the womb – and wreak havoc in other areas that not even its proponents can foresee precisely before passage.

November 7th is Election Day.  Ohio law requires registration by October 10th in order to vote this time around.

Please, if you are eligible to vote in Ohio, register now!  If you know someone who is eligible, urge them to register now!  If you know someone who knows someone, pass this message on!  Opposition to the Ohio Reproductive Freedom Amendment is crucial and urgent.  Lives will be threatened years and decades into the future if the measure passes.

The initiative amends the state’s constitution in ways so extreme that the slaughter of children will be elevated above actual rights – as happened nationwide when Roe v. Wade became law fifty years ago.

“Reproductive freedom” is such a slippery category that issues other than abortion are bound to be affected.  Through eminently plausible judicial interpretation, the measure could even establish sex-change surgery on minors without parental consent as an absolute “right.”

However, the Ohio Reproductive Freedom Amendment is deceptively worded in order to draw in as much uninformed support as possible.

The fundamental trick lies in the fiction that abortions are typically performed by a woman’s regular doctor – who carefully considers her condition and all her options, informs her, discusses her problem, and advises her.  Then, supposedly, the two participants in this meeting of minds come to a medically indicated conclusion.

You and I know that this is a ludicrous scenario.  In reality, abortions are typically performed by bottom-feeding specialists who don’t consult with the mother at all.  This is especially true of abortionists who peddle abortion drugs online and never even see, let alone examine, mothers. And, since “abortionist” is not a high-prestige specialty, practitioners have the market to themselves and perform a high volume of homicidal procedures.

The typical abortion mill – whether brick and mortar or online – is a veritable conveyor belt of death.

You and I know this.  But most well-meaning people don’t.

While couched in reassuring verbiage, the Ohio Reproductive Freedom Amendment removes all safeguards – all checks on the accelerating conveyor belt.

The abortion lobby claims that Issue 1 restricts abortion after viability – but this is a farce. Not only does the Amendment include a gaping “health” exception that allows for abortion until birth for virtually any reason, but the abortionist himself even gets to determine “viability” without reference to objective standards.

The initiative is far more radical than Roe v. Wade was.  Worse, if it passes in Ohio, it’ll be used as a model for other states.

Please help to stop this pernicious ballot measure!

Click here to register to vote in Ohio.

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Please make sure that every Ohio pro-lifer you know is registered to vote!  Remember that the deadline is October 10, 2023.

Life Legal is currently sponsoring pro-life billboards in Ohio and elsewhere.  If you would like to support this effort, please click here.

Thank you for standing with Life Legal against abortion fanatics who will stop at nothing to reestablish unrestricted child-killing throughout the country!  At this time of cultural upheaval, we need all the help we can get.