Daleiden/CMP Case Update

David Daleiden with Life Legal attorney and Vice President, Katie Short

The Life Legal Defense Foundation has filed an opposition brief to the National Abortion Federation’s (NAF) motion for preliminary injunction against David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). NAF is trying to prevent Daleiden from releasing video recordings and other information obtained at NAF meetings. Daleiden’s declaration, filed with the opposition brief, tells the real story.

The National Abortion Federation claims that Daleiden committed fraud when he attended NAF meetings to inquire about buying fetal tissue. But Daleiden’s investigators, representing BioMax Procurement Services, were invited by the National Abortion Federation to attend and exhibit at the next NAF Annual Meeting, even though BioMax was not registered with the California Secretary of State and had not yet come into formal existence.

One of Daleiden’s investigators even told an NAF employee that “BioMax planned to give clinics some of the fees that it received from researchers for providing fetal tissue—an action that would be plainly illegal.” Still, the NAF employee “strongly encouraged [the BioMax representatives] to exhibit at the NAF meeting.”

“In December, I e-mailed her and asked about pricing and availability for exhibit space for the April meeting. She responded by sending the ten-page 2014 NAF Annual Meeting Exhibitor Prospectus, which contained the dates, times, and exact location of the April meeting…”

In other words, NAF actually rolled out the red carpet for BioMax, largely because of the financial incentives involved in providing fetal body parts.

It’s time for the National Abortion Federation to admit the truth: they were completely taken in by a legitimate undercover investigation, and yes, they were uncovered.