Complaint Leads to AG Lawsuit – Two Clinics Closed

A former LLDF client made a grisly discovery when, early last year, he pulled a trash bag from a common dumpster used by an abortion clinic in Lansing, Michigan. Chris Veneklase, a friend and client of LLDF in the past, was shocked to discover that a red biohazard bag within the trash bag contained the remains of 17 aborted children in med-sacs, along with the date and name of their mother on each individual zip locked bag. This discovery was the first link in a chain of events leading to the closing of two abortion clinics.

Chris was advised to contact Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-life Society (CPLS), a local pro-life leader who had experience in documenting and bringing charges against clinics with similar practices. Chris and Monica documented their findings while gathering more evidence from this clinic and another associated clinic in Saginaw. They alerted Ed Rivet of RTLM (Right to Life of Michigan), and then jointly met with the proper local authorities and political representatives in order to file a formal complaint against the abortion clinic, Health Care for Women, and its sister abortion clinic, WomansChoice of Saginaw. From that point in April 2010, it was a long wait with various twists and turns as the local sheriff, prosecutor, and state attorney general’s office coordinated their own investigation to determine the validity of the complaint.

Based on their own investigations and the evidence gathered by detectives, they determined that no law existed to prevent the disposal of aborted babies in the common trash as long as the bodies were treated with strong chemicals such as formaldehyde. However, the AG’s investigation determined that the company running the abortion mill never had legal permission to do so as it had never been incorporated as a professional corporation nor had it been licensed to offer or perform medical services. Moreover, the owner of the clinic had been notified of this by the State of Michigan a decade earlier, in January 2000. The AG’s office also discovered the improper disposal of medical records and possible violations of other State statutes.

As a result, on November 7, 2011, Michigan State Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit against the corporations that run both clinics, Health Care Clinic, Inc. and Women’s Choice Clinic, Inc. The lawsuit was filed in the 56th Circuit County Court in Eaton Rapids, Mich. On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, the Honorable Judge Calvin E. Osterhaven signed a TRO temporarily closing both clinics, and on November 21 paperwork was filed dissolving the corporation running these abortions clinics and closing them down. Furthermore, those on the board of the now dissolved corporation are forbidden to reincorporate a business that would provide similar services.

“Thanks to the invaluable help of Monica, (CPLC), Ed Rivet (Right to Life Michigan), Senator Rick Jones and those involved with the Attorney General’s investigation, we can all be thankful today that these killing centers have closed their doors,” said Chris.