California continues to ABANDON CONSTITUTION…!

Life Legal is currently fighting a slew of unconstitutional California laws that expand the state’s culture of death, including:

SB 742

SB 742 is an attempt to criminalize free speech outside most abortion clinics. The law makes it illegal to approach someone within 30 feet of the entrance to a “vaccination site” for the purpose of education, holding signs, or providing literature. A “vaccination site” is defined as a location offering any type of vaccine services, which includes Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities that dispense Gardasil and other STD vaccines. We sued California Attorney General Rob Bonta as soon as the law was passed on behalf of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

The court temporarily blocked the law – VICTORY! – but hasn’t gone so far as to strike down SB 742. We are now asking the court to resume hearings to get the law permanently removed.

SB 380

We are currently in litigation over the expansion of California’s assisted suicide law. SB 380, which was signed by Governor Newsom in October 2021, removes nearly every safeguard in California’s “End of Life Option Act” – and forces physicians to participate in assisted suicide. Last year, we sued California Attorney General Rob Bonta to stop enforcement of SB 380. We won our first battle in this fight and the law is currently enjoined (blocked), pending further hearings. You can read our complaint here.

SB 245

We sued California Attorney General Rob Bonta and several state agencies to block a law that forces insurance companies to pay for abortions without any copays or deductibles. The law discriminates against women who choose to carry their babies to term and effectively subsidizes abortionists. California does not prohibit out-of-pocket expenses for any other surgery or drug regimen.

We filed our lawsuit on behalf of pro-life pregnancy care centers because the law favors abortion over childbirth, which is explicitly forbidden by the California Constitution according to long-established case law. Life Legal’s lawsuit emphasizes the harmful effect SB 245 will have on poorer women. By requiring insurance companies to finance abortion – the law exercises coercion on mothers who do not want to abort but who may not be able to afford out-of-pocket expenses for prenatal care and childbirth.

Life Legal’s challenge to SB 245 is the first lawsuit against any of the radical new pro-abortion laws passed in California relating to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.