Birmingham’s Banned Abortionist Remains a Danger to Women

Life Legal Defense Foundation is calling on the Alabama Department of Public Health to ensure the safety and medical well-being of Birmingham’s women and children by commencing inspections immediately at the facility where Bruce Norman has been illegally performing abortions.  The building, located at 1001 17th Street S in Birmingham, has been at the center of controversy for over a year and a half since the health department shut down the New Woman All Women abortion clinic at that location for noncompliance and numerous, yet un-remedied, violations.

Less than two weeks ago, Circuit Court Judge Joseph L. Boohaker denied Norman any opportunity to have the court reconsider his ban on performing abortions. During Norman’s tenure as abortionist for clinic owner Diane Derzis, in Alabama and other states, multiple women have been injured under his care and have required emergency transportation to the hospital.  Some of these well-documented circumstances occurred even as Norman and Derzis’ case was being tried in court.

In the letter addressed to Brian Hale, Deputy General Counsel at Alabama Department of Public Health, Life Legal Defense Foundation Senior Staff Counsel Allison Aranda wrote, “We implore your agency to conduct a full investigation into Norman’s business practices and to hold Norman accountable in a court of law for any and all violations. Norman’s business practices not only violate the law and Judge Boohaker’s court order, but also continue to endanger the lives of Alabama’s women.”

Read Life Legal Defense Foundation’s letter to the Alabama Department of Public Health here.