Birmingham, Alabama – Abortion Free!

In 2012, you may recall that the Alabama Department of Public Health revoked the license for the infamous New Woman All Women abortion clinic which was eventually shut down in August 2013 after abortionist Bruce Norman’s failed attempt to operate the facility without a license.  Now Planned Parenthood of Birmingham, the last remaining abortion clinic in Birmingham, has apparently closed its doors under suspicious circumstances.

According to Fr. Terry Gensemer, “On December 30th, after the facility was closed for several days, pro-lifers on the sidewalk witnessed the facility’s director being escorted from the building, followed by a repairman changing all of the locks. Three days later, a sign from Planned Parenthood Southeast appeared stating that the facility would be closed until January 6th, 2014. After the 6th, sidewalk counselors say the facility did reopen, but only briefly.”  A series of notes posted on the clinic door notified customers that it was “temporarily closed.”

Recent developments in a brewing legal battle and medical malpractice claims stemming from a botched abortion performed by Dr. Aqua Don E. Umoren may be responsible for the closure.

A civil lawsuit was filed in August 2012, on behalf of Ms. Roberta Clark, which seeks damages before a trial by jury: CV201201045, Jefferson County Circuit Court, Roberta Clark v. Planned Parenthood of Georgia, Inc et al.  According to the complaint, plaintiff Roberta Clark had an ectopic pregnancy which was misdiagnosed by abortionist, Aqua Don E. Umoren. It caused “physical bodily injuries, pain and suffering, psychological damages and emotional distress to the plaintiff.”

Shortly after the civil lawsuit was filed, Life Legal Defense Foundation filed a complaint with the ADPH urging the department to conduct a thorough “investigation into all the records of Planned Parenthood of Birmingham to identify other women harmed and to identify staff who work/worked at PPB who are/were poorly trained, uncertified, and/or incompetent to perform their duties correctly.”  Operation Rescue also filed a formal complaint against the Planned Parenthood abortionist for incompetence and negligence related to the incompetent abortion performed on Ms. Clark.

In 2013, an inspection was conducted by the ADPH and yet another deficiency report was filed against the facility.  LLDF has not obtained evidence that any of the most recent deficiencies have been corrected.

In light of Planned Parenthood of Birmingham’s tumultuous history of deficient medical care, it is not surprising to see the doors closed on this facility.  We join Father Terry Gensemer and the Birmingham community in praying that the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic never reopens.