Gosnell Case (Philadephia): At what point does “failure to condemn” become “tacit approval”?

Today’s news media outlets are not generally known for their deference to delicate sensibilities. Usually the more sensational, inappropriate or grotesque the subject matter, the more newsworthy it becomes. Or so it would seem. Unless, of course, the story reflects poorly on a subject such as abortion. The almost entire failure of mainstream media outlets to cover the Gosnell murder trial is the latest example of the lengths to which the media will go to shield the abortion industry from public scrutiny. Gosnell is facing murder charges for the death of one of his patients, for snipping the spines of newborn infants, and for other crimes committed at his Philadelphia abortion clinic.

Yet not a word have we heard from the large names in the news media such as ABC, NBC, and CBS.

It is outrageous that the media is not giving this trial the coverage it deserves. By ignoring the story, the media are giving the abortion industry a free pass. They are not required to come out in condemnation of the butchery perpetrated by abortionist Gosnell. If Gosnell is not representative of abortionists generally, all abortion providers need to come out and say so. They need to condemn the conditions and practices of this so-called clinic in no uncertain terms. Anything less looks like tacit approval.

Observers of the Gosnell trial report hair-raising accounts of the evidence adduced regarding goings-on in Gosnell’s place of business. Urine and blood saturated furniture, floors and walls. Scissors used to snip the spinal cords of babies born alive. When Gosnell’s patient “flatlined” while she was still in the stirrups for her abortion, he lifted no finger to assist her emergency medical treatment. Paramedics responding to the emergency call discovered conditions of unbelievable filth, and could not get a gurney through the hallways of the so-called clinic. (The patient, Mongar, later died from what was diagnosed as an overdose of Demerol.) Gosnell is facing charges of third-degree murder for her death. Crime Scene Unit officers discovered jars containing the severed feet of aborted babies, which were kept near a sink and garbage disposal where fetal remains were flushed. The list of horrifying conditions seems to grow with each new day of trial evidence.

“There are not strong enough words to express the revulsion such evidence adduces,” commented Dana Cody, LLDF’s President and Executive Director. “But this tragic story must be told, for what it teaches about how abortion, by dehumanizing the unborn, dehumanizes our society as a whole. Those in the mainstream media who are covering up this story have shown that they share Kermit Gosnell’s callous disregard for women and indulgent attitude toward infanticide.”

Action Item: Contact your local media outlet and their national affiliates and ask them to report on this story; further consider contacting Reuters and the Associated Press with the same request.