As Abortionist Faces Suit by Alabama Department of Public Health, A Mississippi Victim is Rushed to the Hospital

Earlier this week an Alabama judge began reviewing arguments in a hearing for a permanent injunction against Birmingham’s illegal New Woman All Women abortion clinic, its operator Diane Derzis, and abortionist Bruce Norman. Today, Life Legal Defense Foundation released photos (link courtesy of Operation Rescue, pictures courtesy of Pro-Life Mississippi) of a female victim being transported via ambulance from a Mississippi abortion clinic also owned by Derzis and at which Norman performs abortions.

Courtesy of Pro-Life Mississippi

The pictures show a patient, strapped to a gurney, being removed from the Jackson Women’s Health Organization’s easily identifiable pink stucco building known as the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. The victim is shown being transported to an ambulance while clinic workers try to hide the event behind large white placards.

LLDF Senior staff counsel, Allison Aranda, sent a letter to the Alabama Department of Public Health informing them of the new evidence of the danger to women posed by the unsafe abortions performed by Norman at the clinic owned and operated by Derzis.

Dana Cody, Executive Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, questioned, “At the same time a judge is considering a plea to close this Birmingham clinic, emergency responders are called to rescue a woman at a Mississippi clinic owned and operated by the same people?” Cody concludes, “This is more evidence that abortion may be legal but it isn’t safe, especially as practiced at Diane Derzis’ substandard facilities with Bruce Norman in attendance.”

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