Amazing Young Woman’s Life Saved!

A few weeks ago, we told you about a young woman who was sent to hospice after experiencing a temporary lack of oxygen to her brain. The hospice facility made the decision to withdraw her food, as doctors believed she would not recover. At the time, the young woman was partially responsive in that she could blink her eyes and move one arm.

Two days after entering hospice, she began to speak and ask for food. When her fiancé went to visit her, he was amazed to find her speaking and responding to him. She even asked him to bring her a sandwich!

The fiancé immediately notified the hospice staff and asked that they give her something to eat. To his shock, the staff refused saying that she was not to receive any food whatsoever. In other words, they were planning to starve to death a woman who was clearly communicating that she wanted to live.

Life Legal worked with a local attorney to have the young woman transferred from hospice to the hospital and, most recently, to a brain rehabilitation facility.

The fiance visited the young woman shortly after she began receiving nutrition and told us:

“She doesn’t know my name every time, but she knows who I am. And she’s trying to figure a lot of stuff out, but she looks a thousand times better than she did in hospice just three days ago. It’s an unbelievable transformation. All the neurologists were coming down to see her and they couldn’t believe she was talking. They said it was amazing.

I’m so excited, even though she has a long way to go. But just two days ago she was under a death sentence.”

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