After Threat from PP, Judge Orders Pro-Life Group to Vacate Premises! 

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Aranda PicLife Legal Senior Staff Attorney Allison Aranda appeared in court last week on behalf of the pro-life group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust after Survivors moved to a new location directly across the street from Planned Parenthood in San Bernardino. This is the same PP facility that had Father James Linton arrested last month.

From this prime location, the Survivors were able to display signs in their windows to reach out to women by offering help and healing from abortion. They also stored signs for local 40 Days for Life participants. The office was just a short walk across the street for their own outreach volunteers to serve as sidewalk advocates to pray with and for women entering the Planned Parenthood facility.

Planned Parenthood was furious that Survivors was so close. The presence of a pro-life organization just across the street intruded on the business of killing babies and selling their parts for profit.

Planned Parenthood complained to the Survivors’ landlord and threatened to sue  if he did not immediately terminate the Survivors’ lease. The landlord caved, refusing to stand up against the abortion cartel. Instead, he sent a notice of eviction to the Survivors, claiming they were a “nuisance” to his other tenant, Planned Parenthood.

One definition of a nuisance is an activity that “interferes with the comfortable enjoyment” of one’s property. Survivors exists to expose the truth about what happens inside Planned Parenthood in order to put them out of business. No one should be comfortable with or enjoy the killing of innocent human beings day in and day out.

Survivors presence across the street from Planned Parenthood is not against the law! Their activities are completely legal and fully protected by the U.S. Constitution. It’s called FREE SPEECH!

The judge in this case said that the carrying of signs from the Survivors’ office to vehicles parked outside constituted a nuisance to Planned Parenthood. He completely ignored the Survivors’ constitutional rights and ordered them to move out by February 25.

“I’m absolutely stunned by the court’s ruling,” stated Allison K. Aranda, Life Legal’s Senior Staff Counsel. “There is nothing more sacred than one’s right to speak freely in a public place about a matter of such great importance as abortion. The judge cowered to the Planned Parenthood bully and disregarded the law.”  


“They may have won the battle but they’re not going to win the war. Not this year, not this century, and not in eternity. The Survivors will fight on. We will go to a completely mobile protest center if we need to, but one way or another we will continue to confront Planned Parenthood and will not rest until they are gone. Keep us in your prayers as we begin forming our new strategy.” Survivors Founder Jeff White