Active Killing: What The Law Allows (Agenda)

11: 30 am
-Doors open; registration (15 min)

11:45 am
-Begin Session I
The common conflicts
     Legalized Killing: A Slippery Slope
Indicators: Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia and De Facto Euthanasia

Strategies and Tactics –
          -Knowing the facts, the client and the opposition.
-Knowing your legal claims, and their statutory basis.
Contacting the Hospital –Hospital ethics committee; potential evidentiary issues

12:45 pm
-Break (15 min)
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1:00 pm
-Begin Session II

Filing the Petition
     -use of sample pleadings.
-verification and declarations in support.

Directing the Thinking of the Trier of Fact
     -Preserving evidence and videotaping the patient

Retained Experts

Motion for Judgment

Persuasion, Precedent and Appeals

Explanation of Appendices

Questions and Answers (leave 15 min or so of speaking time)

2:00 pm