Abortionist’s license SUSPENDED…now SHUT DOWN her abortion clinic!

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Alabama abortionist Leah Torres, pictured left, was ordered to immediately surrender her medical license after Life Legal and a coalition of pro-life groups expressed concerns about her professional ethics. Torres has made callous, heinous comments about what she does to unborn babies, including a Twitter post where she boasted that she cuts babies vocal cords so they can’t scream.

She also justified her abortion practice by claiming “God does way more abortions than I do.”

The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners determined that Torres “may constitute an immediate danger to her patients and/or the public.” The BME found that Torres made numerous fraudulent statements in her application for a provisional license to practice medicine. Torres lied about having been sued for malpractice, in addition to lying about whether she has lost staff hospital privileges in the past.

Torres is the medical director of Western Alabama Women’s Center (WAWC), which has come under fire following the death of a woman who died a few hours after undergoing an abortion at the clinic on May 7. The previous medical director, Louis Payne, resigned just two months after the woman’s death and the abortion mill was recently sold to the Yellowhammer Fund, a non-profit entity spearheaded by radical abortion activist Amanda Reyes.

We recently learned a criminal investigation into the woman’s death is underway.

Life Legal filed a complaint yesterday with the Alabama Department of Public Health demanding that it immediately revoke WAWC’s license in light of evidence that Torres obtained her medical license by fraud. We are partnering with CEC For Life, Operation Rescue, Pro-Life Tuscaloosa and Alabama Physicians for Life to end abortion in Alabama.

In hiring Torres, Yellowhammer facilitated the commission of illegal and unethical acts, which is grounds for revoking WAWC’s license.

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