Abortion Cartel Targeting 40 Days for Life

spring2016monteria4-2Planned Parenthood is stepping up its harassment of sidewalk advocates. As you may be aware, 40 Days for Life teams provide a peaceful, prayerful presence outside Planned Parenthood death mills across the nation—and around the world. Their strategy of prayer and fasting has resulted in the closure of 90 abortion facilities and the saving of over 13,000 lives from abortion!

The work of 40 Days for Life has not gone unnoticed by the abortion cartel. We are seeing an increase in the number of calls from 40 Days leaders seeking legal assistance as they face escalating hostility from abortion facility staff.

In some cases, Planned Parenthood directors have called the police to intimidate pro-life advocates who are acting fully within their First Amendment rights to pray and speak on public sidewalks. This is exactly what happened to Father James Linton, who was arrested and charged with trespassing—even though he never stepped foot on Planned Parenthood’s property! Life Legal was able to get Linton’s charges dropped entirely.

In other cases, abortion facility escorts (“deathscorts”) have assaulted those on the sidewalk, knocking down their signs and even threatening physical harm.

Life Legal’s motto has always been “no case is too small,” and we have been defending individuals from this very type of harassment for decades—which is why 40 Days for Life has asked us to serve as their go to legal defense organization. 

We are honored to work with 40 Days for Life to ensure that their teams can maintain a presence that will shut down even more abortion facilities and save more precious babies!

Please consider making a donation of $25 or $50 or more today so that we can continue to protect those who stand in the gap for the lives of the preborn.

God bless you—and thank you for your support!

“Life Legal has provided so much legal help for 40 Days for Life over the years. The confidence that Life Legal gives our local leaders allows 40 Days for Life campaigns to thrive. Thank you for providing your expertise and giving the wonderful heroes of the pro-life movement the legal support that is required in order to use our rights to save lives. It’s great to have Life Legal Defense in your corner!”

  • Shawn Carney, President of 40 Days for Life
  • Matt Britton, General Counsel and Board Chair of 40 Days for Life