Abortion Cartel Files Fourth Lawsuit Against David Daleiden

File Aug 05, 6 33 56 PMDavid Daleiden has been hit with yet another lawsuit stemming from his videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of baby body parts. The most recent lawsuit was filed by employees of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities, who sold fetal tissue, and by employees of the University of Washington (UW) and other laboratories, who purchased the parts of aborted babies. The University of Washington is named, along with Daleiden, as a defendant in the suit.

After learning that the University of Washington had purchased fetal body parts from Planned Parenthood, David submitted a public records request seeking information about the transactions, including invoices and purchase orders, from the University. The request was made in February of this year.

Inexplicably, UW waited a full five months to notify Planned Parenthood and the other parties that the records would be released this week. Planned Parenthood immediately filed the class action lawsuit to prevent Daleiden from receiving the information, citing, among other things, Planned Parenthood’s constitutionally protected “right to associate” with buyers of fetal body parts.

“This is just the latest desperate attempt by Planned Parenthood to bury information about its role in the illegal trafficking of aborted babies,” said Life Legal Executive Director Alexandra Snyder. “Planned Parenthood is once again using its immense resources—largely supplied by American taxpayers—to keep the truth hidden from the public.”

Life Legal is defending David in three other lawsuits brought by Planned Parenthood and its fetal parts trafficking partners. Read more about those cases here.

Photo: David Daleiden with Life Legal VP of Legal Affairs Katie Short

1 thought on “Abortion Cartel Files Fourth Lawsuit Against David Daleiden”

  1. Major Kudos to David D. and his defense team for this strong perseverance against the incessant attacks by Planned Parenthood (a.k.a. PP), enabled by the ‘endless’ supply of filthy-money. Can we possibly enlist a major American TV Station to get behind your work and get the Truth deeper into the public consciousness? Since that answer js probably “NO” do we want to put up Prime Time Commercials?

    The parade of hideous charges will fade if we get the American people to stay focused and believe that (1) the Murder of 60M+ Unborn has always been evil and cannot ever be the mark of a just nation, and (2) the Racketeering Monster called Planned Parenthood, propped up by all their cronies who relentlessly push for additional legal laws that protect the likes of PP, need to be toppled. Perhaps universities like the UW-Seattle will see the downside by trying to quietly buy aborted-children. Is this truly admirable work on the part of a credible research institute, or is this despicable?

    Every state needs more legislation that smacks of protecting life, just like Wyoming did by enacting legislation allowing any pregnant woman to see the Ultrasound and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

    Groups like ’40 Days For Life’ bring needed attention, but we need a parallel shift in the political landscape — meaning we need to see more from the White House and Congress

    David Daleiden — do not lose faith, and we pray that not one hair on your blessed head be touched by the evil-doers.

    You are a warrior, and in our home we pray to end abortion every day, and daily ask Heaven to sustain you / your Life Legal Defense Team.

    It is time to hit back harder. Amen.

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