A new form of hacking: Pro-abort aggressively coughs on Life Legal VP

Life Legal’s VP of Operations Mary Riley went to her local Planned Parenthood this morning to pray for babies scheduled to be aborted. Yes, even in the midst of a pandemic, PP has deemed abortion an “essential” service and is welcoming clients with open—and possibly COVID-19 infected—arms.

As Mary prayed for women going into the facility, a middle-aged man pulled up, got out of his car, and began to yell at her. He told her she was endangering lives and threatened to call the police. Mary, who is no stranger to harassment from pro-aborts, stood her ground. She tried to keep a safe distance between herself and the man, but his behavior quickly escalated.

The man walked over to Mary and intentionally and repeatedly coughed in her face.

When the police officer arrived, he assured Mary that she was within her rights to stand on the public sidewalk. At no time did she come within six feet of any clinic staff or clients. Mary insisted that the officer take the man’s name and file a report. We are considering the possibility of legal action to ensure Mary’s safety.

Life Legal recently filed a lawsuit against a Google executive who attacked a pro-lifer outside an abortion clinic in Washington, DC.

“I went to the sidewalk this morning to pray for the victims of Planned Parenthood’s relentless insistence that killing babies is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy,” noted Mary. “During this extraordinarily difficult time, women need to know they have alternatives. If Planned Parenthood can be there to spew their pro-abortion agenda, I can be there as well to offer life-affirming support.”

Life Legal has also signed on to a letter asking U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to shut down abortion clinics during the coronavirus crisis and to ensure that no emergency funds are diverted to Planned Parenthood. The letter also urges Secretary Azar to maintain existing FDA standards on chemical abortion drugs, as Planned Parenthood seeks to exploit the crisis to expand its chemical abortion business.