A Fight from Hell

Governor Gavin Newsom threatened to “fight like hell” to expand baby killing in California and across the nation, and he is making good on his diabolical vow.

In the past week alone, Newsom:

  • Launched a billboard campaign profaning the words of Jesus to lure girls and young women from other states to kill their children in California.
  • Signed into law a slew of bills written by Planned Parenthood and other abortion lobbyists to make California an abortion tourism destination. These laws include funds to transport girls and women to California for abortions paid for by California taxpayers. New laws also prohibit parents in other states from receiving information about their minor daughter’s abortion – or abortion complications – even if the parent’s insurance policy is paying for the abortion.
  • Signed SB 107, authorizing California to take custody of children from other states if the parents do not want their children to undergo gender transition procedures, including surgeries that render them permanently sterile. The bill prohibits parents from receiving medical information about their children’s gender transition in California, even with a subpoena.
  • Signed AB 2223, which allows the killing of babies up to one month after birth. The law prohibits all civil and criminal penalties for any “perinatal death” due to causes that occurred in utero.* The purpose of this language is to legalize the killing of babies born alive during self-induced, “do it yourself” abortions. The Assembly Judiciary Committee’s own analysis of the bill defines “perinatal” as the period up “to one month following delivery.**
  • Continued to promote California’s Proposition 1, which would enshrine “an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions” in our state constitution, abolishing existing limits on post-viability abortion. Click here for more information on the dangers of Prop 1.  

Faith leaders are calling Newsom’s extremist abortion agenda “demonic” and an “abomination.” One pastor expressed concern that Newsom’s soul “lies in grave, eternal peril.”

Please join us in praying for California’s governor and for our legislators – that they would turn from their wicked obsession with killing babies and further a culture of LIFE.

Life Legal is evaluating our legal response to these and other life-destroying laws.

Thank you for standing with Life Legal, especially now as the battle over precious children in the womb intensifies. We are so grateful for your prayers for our clients, cases and attorneys and for your faithful support.

*Many people mistakenly believed the “perinatal death” provision had been stripped from the bill, but that is not true. Here is the bill’s language, as signed by Newsom:

** The Assembly Judiciary Committee’s Analysis of AB 2223 defines the perinatal period: