A Dark Day for California

img_4168California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill that would criminalize the type of undercover journalism David Daleiden did to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of fetal body parts. AB 1671 was drafted by Planned Parenthood with the assistance of California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

As we reported last week, Life Legal obtained emails showing that the Attorney General’s office offered unsolicited help to Planned Parenthood to craft the legislation for the purpose of keeping the public in the dark as to the abortion cartel’s business practices. Planned Parenthood has been in partnership with several human specimen brokers, including StemExpress. The brokers buy aborted babies and their parts from abortionists and sell them to researchers, often without informed consent. Both Planned Parenthood and StemExpress are currently under investigation by Congress for trafficking in fetal tissue.

Not only has Kamala Harris turned a blind eye toward Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities, she was also instrumental in securing the passage of AB 1671. She has deep ties with the abortion giant and has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds as well as hearty endorsements from Planned Parenthood lobbyists.

Our elected representatives have abandoned their role as gatekeepers of the Constitution and protectors of the vulnerable to serve a billion dollar corporation that exhibits the same callous disregard for human life as its eugenicist founder.

Planned Parenthood its spending $30 million this month to “celebrate” 100 years of existence in a campaign designed to coincide with this year’s critical presidential election.

Life Legal is partnering with a broad coalition to shed light on the 100 years of abuse and exploitation that is Planned Parenthood’s true legacy.

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