Life Legal has been working hard to ensure sidewalk counselors are able to continue their life-saving work outside the only abortion mill in New Orleans, Louisiana, — called the “Women’s Health Care Center” even though abortion is NOT health care. Sidewalk counselors in New Orleans have been harassed, pushed, threatened, spat on, and assaulted solely because they dare to offer women alternatives to abortion.

Pro-life activists’ position at this site would be impossible without Life Legal’s constant intervention on their behalf.  Even with our help, they need more than the average supply of fortitude to keep on striving.

But their sacrifices are SO worth it!

This is baby Destin. His mother listened to the sidewalk counselors while in her car on her way to the murder mill. She went into the abortion emporium and paid cash for the procedure – but then thought about what the pro-lifers had said. She changed her mind and left. A few weeks ago, Destin’s mother returned to the site to thank the sidewalk counselors. She told them that, if they had not been there, she would have gone through with the abortion.

Another such baby is due in August.  The mother, Jasmine, decided not to abort after talking to sidewalk counselors.

In other good news, the organization that supplied deathscorts in front of the New Orleans abortion mill has suspended its services indefinitely. The New Orleans Abortion Fund (NOAF) had to stop its “clinic escort” program because of the aggressive and often dangerous behavior of “escorts,” including antagonizing pro-lifers and weaponizing police.

At Life Legal, we fervently believe in the First Amendment as one of the most important safeguards of a free society.  We are a free speech organization, but we are not only a free speech organization.  Babies saved in front of the New Orleans abortion mill show what our mission is really all about.  We thought you’d like to be reminded that pro-life free speech saves lives every day from the ruthless machinery of death.