8th Video Shows Planned Parenthood Partner Talking Payment, Volume, and HOW TO SHIP A HUMAN BRAIN!


8th video from CMP shows Planned Parenthood partner talking payment, volume, and HOW TO SHIP A HUMAN BRAIN!

The video StemExpress did not want YOU to see….

But Life Legal BEAT them in court….


The Center for Medical Progress has released its eighth video on Planned Parenthood’s systematic practice of selling baby body parts.  The video shows Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress (one of Planned Parenthood’s principal partners in the ghoulish organ market), discussing baby body part procurement with undercover investigators posing as fellow fetal tissue profiteers.

The viewer recalls the chilling first video in the series as Dyer and fellow StemExpress executives chat about the unspeakable over red wine supplied by CMP investigators.

  • It is absolutely clear from the conversation that baby body parts are sold by Planned Parenthood (and other suppliers) for financial gain.  CEO Dyer actually boasts about her determination to reward abortion mills financially for supplying the requested organs, as opposed to other dealers who just won’t pay the mills what they’re worth.  She further discusses the need to conceal this plan of payment through careful wording of legal documents.
  • It is absolutely clear that Planned Parenthood deals in bulk when it comes to baby body parts.  CEO Dyer praises the abortion giant as “a volume institution.”  She gloats that she handles a number of “intact cases” (whole baby bodies).  But enough is never enough in the baby body part business – and Dyer expresses a wish for “fifty more livers a week”!
  • It is absolutely clear that abortionists illegally alter the abortion procedure in order to produce desired organs and tissues – and that CEO Dyer and her colleagues know and approve of this illegal arrangement.  From a standpoint of extensive experience, Dyer laments that many physicians say that they can produce fetal tissue but really can’t back up their words with usable body parts.

The most disturbing moment in the video comes when Cate Dyer addresses the fragility of “neural tissue” – that is, of fetal brains.  The solution to this problem?  Ship the whole “calvarium” (head).  Dyer laughs when another speaker says to make sure the eyes are closed – and then she adds:  “Tell the lab it’s coming!”

This particular video is the one that Stem Express wanted you not to see.  They sued CMP in order to forestall, above all else, the publication of this one video.

But Life Legal beat them in court on Friday, August 20th– and you are now able to witness the terrible reality of the tissue procurement industry.

CMP’s lead counsel, Life Legal’s own Catherine Short, commented:  “Despite a concerted effort on the part of the mass media to cover up for Planned Parenthood, the truth is getting out.  The only way to pretend that Planned Parenthood is not selling body parts is to avoid watching the videos.  The only way to pretend that Planned Parenthood is not performing illegal partial birth abortions is to avoid watching the videos.  The only way to evade the grisly reality of Planned Parenthood’s business is to avoid watching the videos.  So far, though, we have succeeded in defending the continued publication of the videos.  If people avoid the videos, it’s because they refuse to face the truth.”

This is not the first battle in a war waged to expose the truth behind Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of human body parts.  While we celebrate this tremendous victory, there are more court battles on the horizon.  Suits by StemExpress and by the National Abortion Federation are continuing.  These suits seek to withhold the truth from the American public and to subvert the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech and freedom of the press..  

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