URGENT: Two-Year Old on Life Support Needs Help

I just returned from court with the family of baby Israel, a two-year old boy who is on life support at a Sacramento-area hospital. We currently have an order in place to require the hospital to provide care for the toddler. The judge has informed us that the order will expire on Friday, which means Israel will be taken off of life support in less than two days.

We are asking for your prayers. The baby was declared brain dead on April 14, but a few days ago, he started moving in response to his mother talking to him and tickling him.

The family needs to find a hospital that will admit him, even if only for a short time until they can find a long-term facility. We have arranged for a life flight to transport Israel anywhere in the country.

The family is hoping to eventually find a long-term care facility in New Jersey. New Jersey does not allow for a declaration of brain death in cases where the family members believe that life continues until the heart stops beating. Many Catholics and Orthodox Jews share this belief.

Here are links to two videos taken the past few days that show Israel moving. If we can get a neurologist to examine Israel and find that he is not brain dead, that would of course save his life.



Thank you for praying for Israel and his family and for supporting the work of Life Legal. If you know of a doctor, hospital, or other facility that may be able to help Israel, please contact asnyder@lldf.org.