Life Legal in Court Today Fighting for Joe Williams


Life Legal is in court today on behalf of the family of 36-year-old Joe Williams,* a disabled father of two who is threatened with death by dehydration. When we first became involved in the case, Joe had been deprived of nutrition for two weeks and was scheduled to be sent home without nutrition or hydration.

Life Legal received a call from Joe’s sister asking if there was anything we could do.

Since then, we have been in a battle for Joe’s life.

Even though Joe can’t do many of the things you and I take for granted, his inherent value as a human being is not diminished. Joe can communicate by blinking and gesturing. He recognizes his family and responds positively to their presence. Last Thursday, his mother testified that she loves her son because of who he is—not because of what he can or cannot do.

The attorney representing the family member who wants to send Joe home to die argued that Joe’s life no longer has value because he is dependent on someone providing him with food and water for survival. We simply don’t think that human beings should be assigned value based on their degree of dependency. This is why we believe abortion is wrong. And why we agree with Judge Gorsuch’s statement that “human life is fundamentally and inherently valuable, and that the intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.”

Please pray for our legal team, who will be in court all day today!

*Name changed to protect the family’s privacy.



Author: Life Legal

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is a non-profit law firm that specializes in the defense of vulnerable human life, especially life in the womb.

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