A Life Saved!

While on the East Coast, I had the opportunity to meet a young woman who was largely unresponsive after she went into cardiac arrest. The decision was made to put her in hospice and to starve her to death.

Two days after arriving in hospice, the young woman began to speak and move her arms and legs. When her fiancé went to visit her , she told hm she was hungry and asked for something to eat. He tried to get the hospice facility to feed her, but the facility refused. The fiancé called Life Legal and we were able to find a local attorney to intervene. The next day the young woman was moved back to the hospital.

Now she is learning how to feed herself again at a brain rehabilitation facility. She is breathing on her own and is walking with assistance. She speaks in complete sentences and has been asking to go home.

Just two weeks ago, she was given a death sentence.

THANK YOU, Life Legal supporters, for helping to save this young woman’s life!!!

Please consider making a donation today to ensure that others like her are not denied life-giving care.

Author: Life Legal

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is a non-profit law firm that specializes in the defense of vulnerable human life, especially life in the womb.

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