Texas Court Drops Criminal Charge Against David Daleiden: One Down, One to Go!

Harris County Texas Criminal Court Judge Diane Bull dismissed the first of two criminal charges against David Daleiden! Earlier this year, David was indicted by a grand jury of tampering with a government ID and trafficking in human organs. The organ trafficking charge was dropped yesterday because the indictment was defective in that it did not address an exception to the Texas organ trafficking statute. Under state law, “a charging instrument (an indictment here, since no complaint or information exist) must state every essential element of the offense.” A defective indictment is void because it “fails to confer jurisdiction to the court.”

The hearing on the felony charge of tampering with a government ID will be held on July 26. Please pray that all charges against David in Texas are dismissed!

Woman Receiving Nutrition After Being Starved for 10 Days

In a previous update, we mentioned a young woman who had been placed in hospice care following a cardiac episode that left her largely unresponsive. The hospice facility withheld nutrition and then hydration in order to facilitate her death. Shortly after entering hospice, the young woman began to talk and ask for food. She started moving her arms and legs and attempted to get out of bed. Instead of providing medical care, the hospice facility gave her morphine.

Last week, Life Legal received a call from a close friend of the young woman. We connected him with a Life Legal affiliated attorney and today the young woman is out of hospice and receiving nutrition, hydration, and treatment at a hospital. Doctors are astounded by her recovery. She is conversing, responding to commands, and standing up. The hospital staff has repeatedly congratulated her friend for saving the young woman’s life!

Physician Assisted Suicide Lawsuit

On June 8, Life Legal filed a lawsuit challenging California’s End of Life Option Act, which would allow physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to their patients. We are challenging the Act on Equal Protection grounds, as it strips crucial constitutional protections from individuals deemed terminally ill. Life Legal believes those battling serious illnesses are extremely vulnerable to suggestions that they end their lives prematurely. They may be afraid of becoming a burden on friends and family or they may fear mounting medical expenses.

People who learn they are nearing the end of life also experience severe depression and anxiety. They should have access to compassionate treatment, not life-ending drugs.

On June 9, we had our first hearing in the lawsuit. The judge requested additional information about the legal issues involved in the case and set an expedited hearing for June 29. We will keep you posted as to how the case progresses.

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Author: Life Legal

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is a non-profit law firm that specializes in the defense of vulnerable human life, especially life in the womb.

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  1. Your recent issue of Lifeline includes stories on ‘In re: Estate of T.L’., and ‘the matter of M.H.’. Which one is the above story, and how can I link to both of these stories?


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