Month: April 2009

Hoye’s Unjust Incarceration

Lynn Vincent of World Magazine has chronicled Rev. Hoye’s unjust incarceration in her online blog. Please visit World’s website to read the outstanding results of Rev. Hoye’s time in jail.


“UPDATE (April 22, 2009)—Good news for medical professionals who have conscientious objections to participating in abortion. AB 67 is now a bill dealing with election issues—campaign advertisements and communications. Thanks to Assemblyman Nava for gutting and redrafting the bill.”  Read LLDF’s letter to Assemblyman Pedro Nava, who has introduced Assembly Bill 67 to the California Legislature. …


On April 17, 2009, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) released draft guidelines on Human Stem Cell Research. Despite mounting evidence that cord blood and adult stem cell research have resulted in numerous therapies for various diseases, and research using human embryos has yet to produce one successful cure or therapy, it appears that the Obama …

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From the Editor

This year LLDF is celebrating its twentieth year of operations on behalf of the right to life. It is bittersweet to reminisce about events that led to two decades of the pursuit of the sanctity of human life. One the one hand, it saddens LLDF Founders and other LLDF Principals that the need for LLDF …

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Pastor Convicted of Violating “Mother May I” Ordinance

Colette Wilson Walter Hoye is a pro-life Baptist pastor from Berkeley who feels a special calling to reach out to his fellow African-Americans to end the genocide-by-abortion taking place in their communities. As part of his efforts, in 2007 he began going out about once a week to stand in front of Family Planning Specialists, …

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