Month: April 2006

General Recap & Update (Spring 2006)

People’s Advocate v. Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee (Calif.)—Suit for declaratory and injunctive relief to prevent expenditure of public funds for research focused on embryonic stem cells and cloning. Depositions in process. Trial set for Spring 2006. NOW v. Scheidler—On February 28, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Seventh Circuit’s decision reviving the case and put …

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Nothing to Die Over

Wesley J Smith A narrow assisted-suicide ruling. The news about Monday’s [Jan. 16] 6-3 assisted suicide ruling is not as bad as euthanasia opponents might have feared. Indeed, even in the midst of disappointment that Oregon carried the day, there is some moderately good news: Gonzales v. Oregon was not an exercise in judicial activism. …

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Fetal Attraction

Robert George What the Stem Cell Scientists Really Want The journal Science late last month published the results of research conducted at Harvard proving that embryonic stem cells can be produced by a method that does not involve creating or destroying a living human embryo. Additional progress will be required to perfect this technique of …

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From the Executive Director: Stem Cell Program Does Not Win Key Ruling

The Island of Robert Klein? Contrary to what you may have read in the print media in November 2005 about LLDF’s litigation related to the stem cell program in California, and in particular the San Francisco Chronicle, the stem cell institute did not win a key ruling in opposition to the litigation challenging the constitutionality …

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Proposition 73: Close!

Katie Short I know, I know. Close only counts in horseshoes. But the vote on Proposition 73, California’s parental notification initiative, was close, particularly compared to the outcome for the other seven initiatives on the same special election ballot—all of which were also defeated. The margin for Prop 73 was 5.6%. The next closest was …

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