Month: December 2001

Post-Abortive Women Attack Roe v Wade

Kathleen Cassidy, Texas Justice Foundation The National Foundation for Life and the Texas Justice Foundation are leading a women’s national mobilization effort against the coercion of women through abortion. This energetic, massive project focuses on the reality of abortion: abortion hurts women. Countless women have been deceived into believing that abortion is their only solution. …

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Teens for Life!

Erica Lindsley Teens for Life is a youth organization in Sacramento affiliated with SOHLNET (Sanctity of Human Life Network). The mission of Teens for Life is to turn around this death-saturated culture and reach out to our generation with the gospel and the truth about abortion. Teens for Life works at several different levels to …

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Saying No to Assisted Suicide: The Attorney General Takes on Oregon

Wesley J Smith When Oregon Voters legalized assisted suicide in 1994, state regulators had a problem. They wanted to authorize doctors to prescribe barbiturates as killing agents. But the federal government regulates the use of these drugs under the Controlled Substances Act, and federal law did not permit their use to intentionally kill. Ordinarily, that …

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A Challenge to Face: Jane Roe II v. Aware Women Health Center

MELBOURNE, FLA.—The federal law that governs entrance to abortion clinics in the United States can also be used to assure exit from those same clinics, according to an attorney whose client was forced to continue an abortion against her will. The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act forbids blocking customers from clinic entrances. …

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From the Director

On October 15, 2001, it was business as usual at our State Capitol. In the face of overwhelming evidence presented by LLDF to every legislator and the governor that Senate Bill 780 was based on misrepresentations of pro-life opposition to abortion, Governor Davis signed the bill into law, pandering to the pro-abortion extremists who lobbied …

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A Tale of Two Cases

Katie Short It has come to our attention that there may be one or two readers out there who think that all this whining about “the abortion distortion” is just the paranoid ravings of lawyers who can’t get their act together enough to win some straightforward First Amendment cases. This article is for you. To …

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