Month: October 2000

Bioethics Stacks the Deck Against “Non-Persons”

Wesley J Smith The denouement of the case of Herman Krausz, who died in 1998 at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal after his respirator was removed over the objections of his family, brings into focus the growing importance of bioethics in Western medicine. The coroner’s report in the case recommended that “independent mediators” be …

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Creating Law

With nothing left to accomplish in the fight for unrestricted, tax-payer funded abortion in California, pro-abortion state legislators this spring embarked on a different pet project: demonizing pro-life activists. On February 24, State Senator Deborah Ortiz (D-6) introduced SB 1945, entitled the Anti-Abortion Crime Law Enforcement Act. The bill’s language of intent begins, “The Legislature …

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A Personal Interest?

On May 18, the North Dakota Supreme Court heard oral arguments in North Dakota v. Family Life Services (FLS), in which the pro-abortion state attorney general placed an entire pro-life ministry into state-governed receivership. The State additionally urged the trial court to appoint a new governing board for this religious ministry, to be made up …

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Another Casualty of “Our Whatever-It-Takes” Pro-abortion Jurisprudence

Mike Millen Scalia: “Does the deck seem stacked? You bet.” For those of us who believe that the state has a higher interest in protecting the lives of the unborn than it does in collaborating with moms who desire to abort their ill-timed or inconvenient children, awaiting a decision from our current Supreme Court is …

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